These people all signed Warren Wiebe's Guest Book in 1999.

Name: Tim Landers
Country: USA
Signed on: 12/24/1999 8:14:25 AM
Comment: I just happened onto this site, and was pleased to see all the interesting and important memories of Warren documented for all who hadn't know him, and for those of us that had. Warren's memory comes up quite often in the music circles of Los Angeles and I for one will never forget the very first time I heard Warren sing. A rehearsal at Foster's house in 1990? for an upcoming performance w/ the Toronto Symphony. Out of nowhere came this magical voice singing "Through the Fire". It was Warren of course, using his amazing vocal gift, blowing everyone away, but with the utmost modesty. I still miss him very much. A great and truly uniquely gifted person.

Name: Tony Guerrero
Country: USA
Signed on: 11/30/1999 8:25:46 AM
Comment: I knew Warren through Brian Price and Bill Cantos, and was always amazed by him. My biggest memory about him is a little odd. When my mother remarried, I booked a band with all my musical buddies, and Warren was gracious enough to join us. I just remember watching how the room stopped in the middle of one particular ballad, and even though it was a celebration for a new couple, everyone just stopped dancing and stood and watched him - spellbound. I am proud to have known him!

Name: Rose
Country: USA
Signed on: 11/10/1999 8:33:59 PM
Comment: Wonderful man, gifted musician who touched so many hearts and souls with his music and lovely voice. I miss you, Warren, and so do Sam and Fred! My warmest wishes to your family.

Name: Darin Scheff
Country: USA
Signed on: 11/5/1999 2:47:50 PM
Comment: Still think about you all the time Warren! I miss you dearly. Darin Scheff

Name: Bill Sample
Country: Canada
Signed on: 10/29/1999 8:53:47 PM
Comment: I had the good fortune to perform with Warren over an eight year period with the David Foster Band, as well as a number of TV shows with him here in Canada. He was an amazing voice in a courageous body. I remember one show where the big star was Michael Bolton, and poor Warren, not being aware of his own greatness, had to really struggle to get out on stage and sing. He finally did and of course we were all blown away. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Bill Sample

Name: Chris Earthy
Country: Canada
Signed on: 10/27/1999 10:56:20 PM
Comment: what a great site....I worked with Warren for all of his days with David Foster, most of the Foster live shows and at Chartmaker Studio in Malibu....I'll keep in touch

Name: Marisa Kate McCary
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/26/1999 6:14:56 AM
Comment: October 25, 1999 Dear Warren, To quote a song you sang... "There's no way I'll forget your heart and soul, I guess that love is like that". Always, Marisa.

Name: Jeanne Johnson
Country: San Diego, USA
Signed on: 10/25/1999 9:18:04 PM
Comment: My brother has been gone a year today. His grave site indicates he was not forgotten. Thank You for the phone calls, cards, and flowers. I certainly have felt his absence in my life this year. As many other's have also. You know a loss when you have lost a loved one that you loved more than yourself! Rest in peace my love. Continue to sing for we are listening. I miss you greatly my sweet brother. My soul is still broken. Marla, Michael and I are so very grateful you were part of our lifes for goodness and kindness always surrounded us with your presents. I miss you with all my soul. SIS

Name: Brian Newcombe
Country: Vancouver, Canada
Signed on: 10/24/1999 10:26:10 PM
Comment: I have so many great memories of Warren, working with him on numerous David Foster events '87-'95. Such a gentle man, wonderous talent. Favorite moments were Warren & Celine Dion in duet... it just does not get any better than that! It was an honor to have known him, and performed with him. He is truly missed by his friends here in Vancouver & Victoria, B.C... Brian Newcombe Studio Bassist, Member David Foster Band, Canada

Name: Ranee Guill
Country: USA
Signed on: 10/22/1999 6:34:20 AM
Comment: Warren was not only a fabulous talent, he is my brother. October 25th will be one year since his death. I would like to Thank everyone for loving Warren, not just Warren marvlous talet but HIS BIG HEART. Please take a moment out of your busy day and remember the joy he gave to the world. He was a wonderful brother and I miss him more than I can express. I love you Warren!!! Your Sis Ranee

Name: Masaru Kobayashi
Country: Japan
Signed on: 8/23/1999 9:43:09 AM
Comment: Thank you for this beautiful site. When I heard him sing at David Foster's live concert held at Budokan in '94, I found the meaning of genius. The voice of his velvet throat still echoes in my ears. The rumour says that his first solo album was completed... It must be relased!!

Name: Lars Lindberg
Country: Sweden
Signed on: 8/23/1999 9:24:26 AM
Comment: Hi! As the biggest fan of Warren, I'm so happy for this site. Yes, our Warren was a great human being. I had the luck to meet Warren and a young guy in LA, february 97 (he did work together with Warren in some kind of project, but I dont remember his name) I was travelling around the world and had stopped in USA for a couple of weeks. I saw in the newspaper that Warren was going to play in a hotel so I went there... After the gig I entered the stage and presented myself, a bit nervous of course. I mean, there I was standing in front of MY Good... But soon I found out that there was noting to be afraid of. Warren made me noting but calm. We talked about his friend Bill, David, Jay for a while....and we had such a god time so Warren asked me to take a seat in the hotel bar. And so the three of us did. After about an our in the bar ( time 00.30, early next day) I had to go back home to" Q" street. Before I went, Warren asked me for my adress and phone number in Sweden. I told him that I should be back in Sweden in november again. Warren asked the kindest, if it was OK if he´d call me then, cause he said he´d always wanted to visit my country. He also wanted me to buy a certain record for him, that he had not been able to buy himself. He said that if he visited David's mother or who ever it was in Norway, he could drop by in Sweden as well. I told him he was welcome at any time. I will always remeber this night and how greatful Warren was for my interest in what he had done and in his person. I told him that his vocals in "Roxanne" was one of my favourites, he said. - Ohh did you like that one... yee, I think that´s a neet song aswell. And then he sang half the song for me acapella... and so he did with every song I said I liked........ My best love to Warren, his friends and relatives. Love, Lars Lindberg Often when I write songs or when I´m up to do vocals in the studio and nothing works, I remeber the moment with Warren. How great he sang that night, in the hotel lobby bar - 97. IT WORKS, everytime........

Name: Kenneth Bremer
Country: Denmark
Signed on: 7/20/1999 12:18:39 AM
Comment: It is still a pleasure to visit this website. The musical talent of Warren Wiebe is so well displayed. Thanks

Name: Marisa Kate McCary
Country: USA
Signed on: 7/14/1999 10:50:52 PM
Comment: This Sunday, July 18,1999, would have been Warren's 46th birthday. I hope it will always be remembered that his heart was as awesome as his talent! He was wonderful about remembering the birthdays of others, I hope all of us who loved him, will pause and reflect on his beautiful soul as well as his songs! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WARREN! Love always, Marisa Kate

Name: Scott Gross
Country: Torrance, CA USA
Signed on: 7/12/1999 8:48:39 AM
Comment: Been a big fan of Warren's since hearing his demo version of "Voices That Care". My hobby had been hunting down his solo work on the various albums he contributed to while searching for his solo album. It's my dream that he will finally get an album of his work released someday. Nobody deserves it more. The world should know about who this man was and his incredible instrument. I feel so lucky to have seen Warren perform live at a club a few years ago. Seeing him sing as brilliantly live as I'd heard on record cemented my admiration for his talent.

Name: Bill Ricketts
Country: USA
Signed on: 7/8/1999 3:49:32 AM
Comment: I got to know Warren pretty well while working as a guitar tech on the David Foster Super Producers Tour in Japan. Prior to that I had only known Warren as a "fan". I remember seeing him at the Lowe's in Santa Monica where he completed a set (with only piano accompaniment) which included "Brick House", "Blackbird" and "America, The Beautiful". I looked around to see that even the most hardcore "party-er" in the bar had stopped and was spell bound by his performance. There were alot of tears in the room based on the sheer emotion of his performance. There will never be another singer or more importantly, person, like Warren Wiebe. I am so glad to have heard him and cherish the fact that I knew him as a friend. I will send in some stories as time permits. Thanks for this wonderful tribute and site to one of the warmest human beings I have ever known. Best regards, Bill Ricketts

Name: Lanette
Country: San Diego, USA
Signed on: 6/22/1999 12:05:56 AM
Comment: I was called today by Warren's nephew, Michael, to take a look at your web site. It is so beautiful. I am always amazed how many people have been fortunate enough to have heard, seen, meet or know Warren. He has been in our family's life since 1965 when we were in Jr. High together. His professional life was not ususally the topic of our conversation. It is Warren as a friend who became my brother that I carry in my heart. By having the opportunity to read, look and hear this website has been a wonderful gift to someone who misses him everyday. He is with my sister and Mom, who he called Mom, and with his Mom. He loved these people more than I could ever express. They are now the lucky ones though because Warren is singing with the angels and they have front row seats. Thank you for loving Warren.

Name: Gregg Karukas
Country: USA
Signed on: 6/3/1999 9:47:56 AM
Comment: Congratulations Gabriel on a wonderful loving tribute to Warren. The site design is great and looks so good too! I need an overhaul of my site to look like this! Stay in touch! Gregg

Name: Joe Spellman
Country: USA
Signed on: 6/2/1999 5:12:09 PM
Comment: What a wonderful tribute to the talents of a man gone too soon. The "what could've beens" are haunting but I am heartened to hear he was right with God at the time of his passing. You should be very proud of this truly outstanding site and I'm sure Warren finally knows the depth of love and what a wonderous touch he had on so many of us. Joe Spellman Tulsa, Oklahoma

Name: Francis Buckley
Country: USA
Signed on: 5/26/1999 10:27:58 AM
Comment: I have worked with a lot of singers, but few with so much natural talent. Thanks for a nice tribute to a truly gifted person.

Name: Tommy Denander
Country: Sweden
Signed on: 5/23/1999 12:11:54 AM
Comment: Thanks for making this lovely home page about this absolutely fantastic singer. He is missed all over the world and much like the drum groove will never be the same again since we lost Jeff Porcaro...songs will never sound as beautiful without Warren. Luckily he left a legacy that will stand tall and proud forever. Love Tommy Denander

Name: Andy Hakes
Country: USA
Signed on: 5/14/1999 2:15:10 AM
Comment: Living right below Ontario in Buffalo, New York, and receiving Canadian radio stations led to my appreciation for Warrens talent. I've enjoyed hearing his voice combined with David Fosters music, and its only as I browse this site that I learn of his passing. What a beautiful gift to be able to share with the world, his name and voice are etched in my mind forever. Thank you Warren.

Name: Bill Shreeve
Country: San Diego, USA
Signed on: 5/10/1999 9:01:22 PM
Comment: Great web site! Thanks for all your effort in memorializing this great man.

Name: Phil Perry
Country: USA
Signed on: 5/10/1999 6:31:52 AM
Comment: A Powerful and Exciting Singer whom I first met in San Diego. Lots of chops. Lots of heart. He'll be missed!

Name: Darin Scheff
Country: USA
Signed on: 5/8/1999 9:47:43 PM
Comment: Great honorable page to the most fragile, gentle, loving man that every walked the face of this earth. Warren Wiebe had talent even the most popular entertainers would envy. If you've never heard him sing, you're missing out on the most beautiful voice ant one human being could have. The live performances Warren did will live with me forever. If music ever made perfect sense to me, it was when warren painted it with ease. Besides all the musical talent, warren was a little boy with the touch of an infant. The thing I loved about Warren the most was he'd be working with someone like Celine, David Foster or Seal just to name a few, and then the next night warren would be driving back to San Diego to do a wedding or casual. Warren loved music and it didn't matter who it was with or the status of the performers he was working with. Sometimes the bigger a musician gets, the less he wants to work with the little guys. Not in Warrens case! I feel blessed to have known you. Love You, Darin Scheff

Name: Ian Tostenson
Country: Vancouver, Canada
Signed on: 5/7/1999 8:14:22 AM
Comment: I have had the privledge of working with warren at the numerous David Foster Foundation Events for kids in B.C. I will miss him!

Name: Jan Hentschel
Country: Sweden
Signed on: 5/5/1999 4:12:13 PM
Comment: Wow! This was really something to look at. I have loved Warren's voice from the first day I heard it. Now I can get all the information I've been looking for about the man. Very nice layout. Thank you Gabriel!

Name: Steven Connor
Country: USA
Signed on: 5/5/1999 4:07:41 PM
Comment: May his voice and soul live on in our hearts through our memories, recordings and through the generous efforts of those who provide this tribute to him.

Name: Tomi Malm
Country: Finland
Signed on: 5/5/1999 1:53:31 PM
Comment: This is really a beautiful site dedicated to the one of the most amazing voices. Warren's departure is a great loss for music community and this is a beautiful way to honor him! Thank you Gabriel!

Name: Tommaso Dorliguzzo
Country: Italy
Signed on: 5/2/1999 2:46:52 AM
Comment: Ciao Gaby, you did it!! What an amazing site dedicated to an amazing performer. Thanks a lot for your dedication and hard work, it's great to have friends like you.

Name: Alfred Nevarez
Country: USA
Signed on: 5/1/1999 3:30:31 AM
Comment: Hi Gaby, I am very fortunate to meet and record with such a gentle and kind man. He was a man with a phenominal vocal ability, He will always be in my thoughts. I want to send my best to his family and friends. "VIVA WARREN!!!!". Alfred from All-4-One

Name: Christian Di Carlo
Country: Italy
Signed on: 4/30/1999 10:43:10 PM
Comment: Gabriel, you did an outstanding job. It moved me, really. Thanks so much for your incredible effort.

Name: Bill Cantos
Country: USA
Signed on: 4/30/1999 9:03:42 AM
Comment: Great job.......tremendous, All the best to you.

Name: Dave Blackburn and Robin Adler
Country: USA
Signed on: 4/30/1999 2:28:01 AM
Comment: Warren was a star who made his fellow band members dig deeper when he sang. It was a great honor to play music with him and this website is a fitting tribute to his talent. Thanks to Gabriel for all his work.

Name: Pepper Williams
Country: USA
Signed on: 4/28/1999 4:35:52 PM
Comment: When God passed out talent, Warren Wiebe must have been in line a few times, for he received more abilities than a 1000 singers combined. Great site!! He deserves it and I was truly blessed to have had Warren record one of my songs.

Name: Dan Higgins
Country: USA
Signed on: 4/24/1999 2:28:05 AM
Comment: Warren's singing touched the soul of all who worked with him. I'm blessed to be one of these people.

Name: Art Wasem
Country: USA
Signed on: 4/23/1999 3:05:04 AM
Comment: I can see Warren standing before God saying "I think I can do it better." God will reply "Warren that was great!" I've had the opportunity to work with some tremendous talent in my life. The "gifts" others say we have, have come from years of practice. Warren was the only person I have ever met that had what I consider a truly God given gift. It is so humbling to know that even with decades of practice and experience I will never have on my best day what had. God blessed the world with Warren's voice. I hope there are guitars in Heaven so we can do it again.

Name: Malcolm & Ildiko McNab
Country: USA
Signed on: 4/19/1999 7:02:30 PM
Comment: What a classy looking site! A very fitting tribute to such an enormous talent. Warren really deserves to have this kind of recog- nition. Great job on the site! Malcolm & Ildiko

Name: Gary Grant
Country: USA
Signed on: 4/11/1999 6:33:36 AM
Comment: Thank you for making such a delightful tribute to Warren. It's really neat to put a face with the sound. Gary Grant

Name: Robert & Gabrielle Chini
Country: USA
Signed on: 4/7/1999 10:30:02 PM
Comment: A very nice tribute to one of the "best". Warren's Music will be remembered and loved forever!

Name: Leslie Easton
Country: USA
Signed on: 3/17/1999 12:49:53 AM
Comment: Beautiful site...a real tribute to an incredible man!

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